Team building ideas you can use everyday

Strong teams are crucial to the success of a business. After all, team morale affects overall commitment to work projects. So, instead of waiting for conflict, try these ideas today for creating a team mindset:

Regular meetings should be held on-schedule, on-time and on-target. To get feedback from your team, start holding these immediately.

Celebrate group success with incentives for team performance—and not necessarily monetary ones. A great deal of motivation comes from respect, acknowledgment and public kudos. While individual work can also be recognized, don’t forget the group’s effort.

Themed events can help address specific areas of conflict in your business. If your team struggles with following directions, for example, an offsite scavenger hunt might help them work as a unit, as well as relieve some pressure.

Volunteering for charity work is a great way to rally a team and remove both tension and competition. Changing the normal work environment can eliminate comfort zones and judgmental behavior, placing everyone on the same footing to work together.

Promote fresh ideas by establishing an “open idea policy.” Team members should be encouraged, not shot down, for contributing. At a lunch meeting, ask everyone to suggest negative idea-killing phrases or words. Then, make a pact to avoid uttering them during subsequent meetings.

Sources: Forbes, Rockhurst University


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