Customer Service is everything


1. Listen

People want to be heard and understood. It is critical to listen to what people are saying to ensure we truly understand their needs. Simply by listening to our customers, we can anticipate their needs and provide prompt, friendly service. The same goes for your business.

2. Smile & Be Friendly

The most basic rule of customer service and the most important. Even smiling when answering the phone projects a friendly attitude.

3. Take That Extra Step, Go The Extra Mile

Opening a door, carrying products out to a vehicle, offering a beverage to a customer or business associate while they wait, making deliveries to customers businesses; it doesn’t take much to improve someone’s day and leave a lasting impression.

4. Be Honest

No one knows everything about everything. Even the experts. If there is something we do not know or are unable to answer, we find a resource that does.

Be honest with your customer and explain that you will find the answers they are seeking. They will appreciate your honesty and that you are taking that extra step for them.

5. Keep In Touch

People appreciate follow ups. Whether it is an update to let them know where a project is at and how things are going, a call to let them know when their purchase will be arriving, or a follow up after the job is done to ensure that they were satisfied with their product or service that they received.

Great customer service is one of those elements of business that is easily done, but too often over looked. By implementing the 5 customer service steps that we at Protocol implement everyday in your business, you will see a sharp increase in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referral. There’s no better marketing than that.

Original post by  Lisa Church


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