Five Bathroom Ideas for a Modern Home

The bathroom tends to be the one room that gets neglected when we are decorating, as it can be difficult to create the look and feel that we really want to achieve, especially when the majority of us inherit a bathroom suite, and the tiles when moving home. But, there are plenty of ways to create a bathroom you’ll love, even if you aren’t planning on replacing the bath, so make sure to check out these five modern bathroom ideas.

Add depth and interest with color

bathroom suite

If you have an all-white or neutral bathroom why not add extra depth and interest by adding pops of colour? There are plenty of ways in which you can inject color into your bathroom, such as with towels, bathmats and shower curtains, you could even add some colorful artwork. Painting a feature wall is another great idea too, as is bathroom furniture with glossy coloured finishes.

New taps


With so many styles around than ever before, fitting new bath and basin taps will instantly modernize your bathroom. Sleek designs with a single lever handle aren’t just easy to operate, but enhance the modern look perfectly. Still a popular choice are open spout taps, which create a beautiful waterfall effect for a calm and restful feel.

Update the tiles

Updating the tiles will transform the look of your bathroom, and with so many designs to choose from you can create a truly individual look. If you don’t have the time to chisel the old tiles off, you could opt for tile transfers to cover up an old pattern, or to add life to plain white tiles.

Introduce new bathroom accessories

shower tidy

If there are toiletries cluttering up the side of the bath or the surfaces of a shower tray, treat yourself to a new shower caddy to tidy up those shampoo and shower gel bottles. If your shower is looking a bit on the tired side add new shower accessories such as a shower head or shower hose to give it a revamp.

Bathroom lighting

Hudson Reed Lincoln mirror cabinet

Fitting a new light fixture provides a great way to add modern style to your bathroom, and there are plenty of designs around that are suitable for this space. When choosing new bathroom lights, don’t forget that the fitting needs to be the correct IP rating for the particular zone of the room that you will be installing it in. In addition to a new ceiling light you may want to fit an illuminated mirror or mirrored cabinet too. Or, to really set the right kind of mood for your evening bath why not fit a dimmer switch?

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