4 Things Buyers Can Do To Minimize Surprise

Really informative. Sharing.

Andria Allen


When people say they hate surprises, it’s a little bit like when someone says they don’t like change. Most people actually love change and surprises – so long as the changes are pleasant or they perceive the surprises to be in their favor.  It’s really only unpleasant surprises that agitate, irritate and frustrate the average person.

This is true in life – and it’s certainly true in home buying.If your agent surprises you with dozens of homes that have amenities far beyond your wish list for $50,000 below your budget, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make peace with that. But if you get a call from your mortgage broker the day before you have to bring in an extra $3,000 more than you expected, chances are good you’ll be disgruntled, at a minimum. Fortunately, that means that there is actually a pretty short list of unpleasant surprises which…

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