Would you buy a piece of history?

“The fact that it had a history was fascinating,”

Buying a home is awesome in it own self, however, owning a home once belonging to a well-know figure may be more than you bargained for. Yes, it may be really cool to show off to friends and for a real historian to walk back through the hands on time. What is the upkeep like though? Would you consider purchasing a home that would need to be maintained more than just your regular home repairs?

Check out John Wayne’s home for example. Gorgeous, stunning and full of history. Yet there is much responsibility with this home. “We were very careful to save the parquet floors,” Irwin Much said. “In some rooms that meant taking the parquet floors out piece by piece, numbering them, refinishing and relaying them after adding all new subflooring.” Would you be up for this upkeep? I mean it is full of history, and possibly a full time job? But, it still would be cool to own a piece of history.. right?

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